Tallahassee's premier dustless-blasting and sandblasting service. See what we can do for you.

Strip & Refinish Like New

You need it done yesterday, we get it. We’ll eliminate the rust or worn paint from your property. Our blasting service can remove paint, rust, or unwanted finishes, and much more. We go the extra mile for our clients whether old furniture or heavy machinery. We get it done for you at a reasonable rate that won’t break the bank.

Tallahassee Sand Blasting BeforeTallahassee Sand Blasting After

Resurface Tough Coatings

dustless blasting is a type of Surface Preparation for residential and commercial properties and objects. This revolutionary technique can strip away paint and clean your surface no matter the type of coating? This can blast away the paint that normally would have to be removed by sanding or pressure washing. However, it preserves the underlayer without damaging its surface.

No Toxic Waste or Chemicals

Eliminate industrial coatings, corrosion. or paint without hurting the environment. No corrosive acids. No degreasers or toxic chemicals. This process reduces dust and secondary byproducts. Safe for the environment and your surrounding. We can blast at our facilities or any location if needed. Book today to see what we can do for you!

Effortlessly Strip
Away Paint and More

Effortlessly strip away coatings, old paint, and corrosion. Effective on almost all types of parts, equipment, or surface. Main Blasting gets it done for you.


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