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Dirt, precipitation, sunlight, and climate changes can lead to rot and deterioration of painted surfaces. A wall that is prepped correctly and uses the correct old paint removal technique is one of the best ways to ensure an excellent, durable paint job on an older house.

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With that in mind, Pinnacle Restorations has created this helpful reference guide to provide you with a better understanding of the benefits of dustless blasting, along with an explanation of what it is, so you can consider this effective cleaning method. Please keep reading to learn more, then contact us to remove coatings from your building.

What is Dustless Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is a unique method of stripping paint and other unwanted wall coatings from nearly any surface without damaging it.

Surfaces are often cleaned using traditional sandblasting, which fires sand at an exterior at high pressure to

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remove damaged paintwork. However, this method is often too abrasive and causes further damage to a building. Dustless blasting is less abrasive, as it involves using a mild abrasive, which is combined with water. Mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank helps to significantly reduce dust, making this method ideal for use on any surface.

Dustless blasting is often used to prepare a surface before painting. Asides from removing the rusted or damaged paint, it also eliminates any dirt, dust, salt, or other contaminants that might impede the bonding properties of the new paint.

Benefits of Dustless Blasting Include:

  1. Cleaning delicate or industrial surfaces. You can use this process on nearly any surface, such as brick, marble, wood, concrete, metal, etc.
  2. Dustless blasting cleans any surface without damaging it.
  3. The trapped abrasive falls to the ground during cleaning instead of becoming airborne. Keeping the surrounding areas tidy.
  4. Minimizing airborne dust makes Dustless Blasting a healthier, safer, and environmentally-friendly choice.
  5. Combining water with abrasive allows you to use fewer media and work more efficiently.

Applications of Dustless Blasting

As mentioned, dustless blasting is a highly versatile cleaning process suitable for most applications, including removing surface coatings from substrates like steel, brick, masonry, timber, aluminum, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, ceramics, concrete, granite, terracotta, marble, brass, etc.

Professional Dustless Blasting Services
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As well as tackling damaged paint, grime, black tar, soot, mold, scale, and salts, dustless blasting can also remove graffiti and rust.

Pinnacle Restorations Offers Dustless Blasting Services

Are you looking to clear rusted or damaged paintwork, eliminate rust, or repair paintwork? Our dustless blasting method is all you need to tackle any surface in Gainesville and Lake City.

Our cleaning technique is gentle and designed to enhance the surface integrity of your building as well as ensure a smooth, clean exterior surface that is ready for a new paint job.

If you need dustless blasting services in Gainesville or Lake City, FL, please contact Pinnacle Restorations for assistance!

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